Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Save This Building!

Headline:  Dallas to consider protecting historic Cedars home that Time Warner wants to raze 

Last summer I visited The Dallas Heritage Village while in Dallas for a dog show.  The Village is dog friendly and Bentley and I enjoyed our stroll on a hot July day.  I shared some of the buildings here.  I follow the Village on Facebook and was stunned this week when they showed a charming blue Victorian home in the Cedars neighborhood with a bulldozer parked in front of it.  Time Warner was about to tear it down to build a new downtown operations hub and parking lot. Fortunately, the Dallas Landmark Commission has taken action to halt the demolition, at least for now.

Today on Facebook there was a link to the Dallas Morning News' City Hall Blog with details of the history of this house, at least what has been quickly found.  As I understand it, if the Commission can prove the house has historic significance it will be spared.  The Village estimates it would cost a million dollars to move the house to their property, restore it  and maintain it. City Hall Blog Dallas Morning News

I don't have any pictures to share here, but click on over to the article and look at what a glorious house this had to have been.  I can only imagine what it looked like when new and hope it can be saved from the bulldozer.  (Personal note:  shame on Time Warner!)

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