Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Restored Navarro County Courthouse

A recent post featured the Navarro County Courthouse and a subsequent post featured the Lady Justice statue that guards the entrance of the courthouse.  The courthouse was dedicated a few weeks ago and offered an open house after the ceremony.  Although I was close by in Dallas the timing just didn't work for me (and I had a dog that probably would not have been allowed inside the building even though he is cleaner than most humans and very well behaved). 

Thankfully, the Texas Historic Commission has shared a short film clip of the dedication and scenes of the stunning interior as well as a description of the columns made using the scagliola method and the little trick they played on a structural engineer!  Lady Justice is also featured with an interesting proposal that her disappearance came when she was donated to the war effort.  Click the link below:

Restored Navarro County Courthouse

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